Western Armenian Summer Intensive Courses Budapest 2019

Western Armenian Summer Intensive Courses
Budapest 2019

The Programme of Armenian Studies is delighted to announce the Summer Intensive Courses in Western Armenian for the sixth year running. For the second time, the courses will be held in Budapest over the months of June, July and August at advanced, elementary and intermediate levels, respectively. For more information, please see our prospectus. The courses will be held at the following times:

Elementary: Monday 1 July—Friday 26 July 2019

Intermediate: Monday 29 July—Friday 23 August 2019

Advanced: Monday 3 June—Friday 28 June 2019

We are constantly working to improve these courses. This year we have introduced the following changes:

  • We have extended daily teaching time by 15 minutes and added an extra day of teaching per course. These changes are designed to allow students more time for speaking practice.
  • We have changed the teaching hours in order to avoid the afternoon heat of Budapest in summer.

More details regarding changes to the courses to follow.

The Summer Intensive Courses are an excellent way to start learning or to improve your Western Armenian. With each month-long course you will become more and more at home in the language. Take advantage of this opportunity to make the progress in Western Armenian that you have always wanted to.

Please be aware that there are a limited number of accommodation spaces, and they will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. For further queries and to express your interest in these courses, please contact Dr Krikor Moskofian at k.moskofian@progarmstud.org.uk.

The Programme of Armenian Studies is endebted to Pázmány Péter Catholic University for their moral and practical support and cooperation, especially that of Dr Bálint Kovács and Ms Márta Sándor.

The courses are designed, organised and taught by Dr Krikor Moskofian (Founder and Director, Programme of Armenian Studies).